Samsung Update Samsung ChatOn to version 2.0

Samsung ChatOn

Cross-platform messaging service into service in interest lately. Messaging applications are already in use by many users, among others, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, and Samsung Chaton.

Specifically for users of Samsung Chaton, Samsung has unveiled the latest update of cross-platform messaging application, the Samsung Chaton version 2.0.
Changes occurring features in this latest version include syncing across devices, multiple image messaging, new social features and enhanced support for tablet users.

One interesting feature is the synchronization to multiple devices. This feature allows the user to get the chat history, friend lists and chat live for up to five devices that users have.
This course will make us easier to see chat history without having to look at all the devices owned by the user.

In addition, some other interesting features is the "MyPage". With this feature, users can update their comment offline, which will then be uploaded when there is an internet connection.

Here are the specifications of Samsung Chaton updates:

Chaton v2.0.5 update includes:
-Sign-in with Samsung account: All connected devices receive the same message simultaneously
-Special Move-buddy to More menu
-Improvement of My Page: Multiple profile images & Comment on Poston
-Change the font style of the chat room
-Send multiple images at once
-Send Anicon / Animessage + text

[For tablets] Chaton Tablet v1.9.3 update includes:
-Improvement to My Page
-Add image effects
-Add group profile editing
-Add members of a chat room as a group
-Add typing status


Samsung's HDTV-based Smart Hub will feature a new user interface at CES 2013?

Samsung HDTV-Smart Hub

The news received from Flicker's feed, Samsung's HDTV-based Smart Hub will showcase the latest User Interface at CES 2013. We know that Samsung's HDTV-based Smart Hub is a product that offers a comfortable entertainment in your home.

With the Samsung TV is a lot of entertainment experience we will be. Full HDTV makes images become more real, view photos on a TV monitor with 100% accuracy as a digital camera or camcorder, Smart Hub feature that will open up access to real-time broadcast TV, On Demand Flicks, App and photos, and features other.

Recent User Interface seems to be a simple display. To view the hardware seems like nothing changes, such as a built-in camera on the TV.
So we wait for what look like the new look of Samsung's HDTV-based Smart Hub in January.


Will Samsung Galaxy Note issue with the size of 7 inches

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

We know that Samsung will usually issue a Smartphone models with different sizes. As we saw in the previous models Smartphone, Samsung issued a Smartphone with a size 7, 7.7, 8.9 and 10.1 inches.

Currently for the Galaxy Note, Samsung has released a model with two different sizes, ie 5 + inches and 10.1 inches. Will Samsung Galaxy Note will be issued with a size of  7 inches? 
Samsung Galaxy Note is Samsung Galaxy series that use Stylus Pen as a versatile tool. With Pen stylus is much that can be done. Surely the issued version 7 inches, will be much awaited by the people.

Possible Galaxy Note 7 inches, will use Android 4.1.2 with 1.6 GHz Exynos processor and a screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels.